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10:05 am: In which I have an unsuccessful pelegic
I have booked myslef onto three pelagics in my life. One was cancelled because of bad weather, one because the boat wasn't working, and the one on Saturday actually went out. It might as well not have done.

Something is going very wrong with the passage of tubenoses off the southwest. A lot of birders are putting it down to El Nino shifting the Gulf Stream away from the UK, and hence shifting the food supply. The Cory's migration was 3 weeks early and seems to be over. I booked this pelagic because this is normally the prime time for that species. But all we saw was some manxies and a few fulmars. And a puffin, which isn't supposed to be there at all.

We also saw harbour porpoises, a lot of sunfish, and some dolphins following the boat, jumping out of the water almost close enough to touch. According to the boatman, they never do that when he takes tourists out to see dolphins...

I got very sunburned. But on a positive note, my seasickness does seem to be decreasing with age, at least until one of drifting on the swell in the middle of a slick of cod liver oil...


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Date:August 10th, 2015 02:20 pm (UTC)
I've been on two pelagics. The first was awesome with all the expected birds, plus whales, dolphins, and a mola mola. The second was very much like yours - a beautiful sunny day to spend lazing around on a boat seeing not much at all, not even the mammals.
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