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05:30 pm: Trying to get my garden sorted, Part I
Since I am no longer doing a Big Year, I thought I had better begin Round Two of getting the house sorted out. The front garden has been an arrested work in progress (bushes cut down, empty beds weeded at intervals to keep them empty), but the back garden had not been touched.

The small back garden contained an old hawthorn hedge which unfortunately had not been maintained or cut for 25 years. It was massively overshadowed by a huge lime tree planted less than 15 feet from the house whose roots were investigating the foundations. This overhshadowing had led to much of the hedge dying and beiong replaced by assorted elder.

So last October I paid two dodgy men with chainsawas to cut it down, and also an univited elder with a foot-wide trunk in the side border. The men removed the branches of the lime, then decided they wanted another L500 to remove the rest. I invited them to get lost. Since then the hedge has been lying ih the garden in pieces.

On Friday I therefore hired a skip and spent the day working with my gardener to put as much of the hedge in the skip as would fit. There's still an awful mess that won't fit. I also mowed the lawn. I last did this on 19th Dec, and consider it unfair that I had to do it again. I also weeded about one third of the front garde. I last did that on the 19th Dec too, and my previous comments apply.

Today I decided to tackle the bed where my perennial onions grow. Unfortunately I did not weed it all last year, and a lot of dandelions, buttercups and couch grass have got among the onions. I can't immediately think of a long term solution to this without wrecking the onions, so I removed all the visible leaves, and replanted all the rooted sets from this year that I accidentally uprooted in the process.

I haven't yet decided whether I like gardening.



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Date:February 7th, 2016 09:09 pm (UTC)
I don't care for gardening either, but I do have a handy tip: get a shredder, which will at least deal with the hideous volume of biomass that clearing a garden will involve.

I've had mine probably ten years - so it doesn't get masses of use, but even so it's most likely paid for itself in not having to rent a skip-bag, or worse.
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